February 14, 2012

Homeless No More

It's so funny that after our beach trip last weekend, we come home sick. Well, at least EJ is spared. Hubby and I have got sniffles. I thought I was even coming down with a flu.

Hubby and I took some meds last night and thank God, we both feel okay today. We're both still not 100% fine but we can manage. In my case, I had too much junk food over the weekend. And maybe, my body is complaining. LOL!

Today I am making our itinerary for our April vacation in Philippines. I am also "trying" to design our condo in Boni. Our unit in Boni which we have been renting out unfurnished for the last two years will be unoccupied by end of this month and hubby and I decided we will furnish it so when we go home for vacation, we will have a place to stay.

Modesty aside, we have three condo units in Manila. But every time we go for vacation, we stay in some hotels because all our units are rented.

So this time, we're thinking we will rent out at least 1 unit furnished for short term rentals. We'll have it rented out when we are not in Manila only. So that when we are in Manila, we have a place we can call our own home. Hubby's standing joke is that we're homeless in the Philippines. LOL!

Anyway, I am thinking of a modern theme. From modern chandeliers..

..to modern table lamps..

I want a modern, minimalist, hotel style kind of place. I have a clear picture of what I want our condo to look like but this process of putting together everything is really difficult. No kidding!

Maybe I should just leave it to the professionals?