February 9, 2012

Free Thursday

I am here in a coffeeshop sipping my latte. In front of me is hubby's macbook which I borrowed. I am trying hard to be productive at this hour but my mind refuses to cooperate. So I giving up for now.

To casual observer, I may look like I am just here to enjoy my cuppa, surf facebook and twitter.

But truth is, I do have a long list of chores today which I have abandoned. Not purposely though. There was no water and no electricity at home this morning. And with these two important things missing, I couldn't do much at home. I could not cook, I could not do the laundry and ironing and I certainly could not work online so I decided to go outside for lunch with him.

The funny thing is that when I was about to leave the house for lunch with hubby, water and electricity came back. Talk about timing!

Oh well.

I cannot control everything around me so might as well enjoy this day and this free coffee. Tomorrow is going to be another busy day anyway.

Have a great Thursday everyone!