February 22, 2012

Lunches at Home

You ask, what's in a plate of someone trying to lose weight and stay healthy? You might imagine the food to be so bland, don't you? I thought so before.

Well, I am no chef but I try to make our lunches as fun and tasty as possible. And we always, always have two kinds of fruits on the side - our healthy dessert.

Here are some of our lunches this week:

Sauteed pork chop, tomato and kamote (or sweet potato) as our substitute for rice

Giniling (Stir fried ground pork with capsicum and carrots), saging na saba (grilled banana), and cucumber

Eel rice toppings with tomato, cucumber and seaweed.

Our fruit basket is always full. We do consume a large amount of fruits lately. And we always have papaya (not in the picture) because hubby has come to love it (he doesn't like it before).

I am happy with my current weight and I feel I have more energy than before. Hubby has lost considerable amount of weight also but he's still trying to lose a couple or more.

We're hoping this become a lifestyle - eating healthy and living healthy.