February 1, 2012

Naga World: Dimsum All-You-Can-Eat

Last Saturday we celebrated hubby's weight loss of 6kgs by....guess what? Eating! LOL!

I know, it was wrong. But we couldn't help ourselves. The justification is, it's okay to indulge once in a while.

With that in mind, we went to Naga World Hotel. Originally we just wanted to eat at Pangea Restaurant. But the call of dimsum-all-you-can-eat at the Chinese Restaurant was stronger. LOL!

So off we marched to the dimsum place. Hahaha!!!

The place is very nice. I loved their chairs! And for $16/person, it was really worth it. The all-you-can-eat-dimsum is only every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 3pm.

Kids eat for free so I told EJ to eat a lot. Unfortunately, my son is not a glutton like his parents. LOL! He only had fried rice and a couple of dimsum.

We had siomai, pork ribs, chicken feet, fish balls, fried noodles, etc.

Burp! LOL!

If you're in the mood for dimsum and you want to stuff yourself silly like we did, (hahaha!!!) visit Fortune Palace Restaurant at Naga World Hotel.