February 27, 2012

Resto in Phnom Penh: Pangea @ Naga World

We really never learn, hubby and I. We've promised ourselves that we will only eat in buffet restaurants once a month. Aside from it being expensive, it's also a danger to our "diet".

But last Friday night, we went to Nagaworld's Pangea restaurant. It's an International Buffet restaurant and every Friday they have a barbecue.

When we were there, we said we will only eat the barbecue and some sushi. But well, you know what happens when you're surrounded by food. We over ate again. Ugh!

The buffet costs $30++/person and $39++ with unlimited wine. Hubby and I both had wine. Another ugh! I had three glasses of wine that night.

Pangea Restaurant is located at the second floor of NagaWorld Hotel.


{Seafood cocktail}

{Sushi. I wish they had sashimi though.}

{Grilled prawn and fish}

{Grilled fish ball and sea crabs}

{Lamb and duck}

{Chocolate fountain}

{My third glass of wine}

We had eaten here before and was surprised how they have changed the whole menu. The buffet selection before was quite boring. But now, they almost have everything you want in a buffet.

It seemed the whole restaurant was a smoking area. That was a turn off. We liked their new buffet menu but I don't think we're coming back again if the restaurant is still a smoking place.