February 15, 2012

Spell February

EJ did his homework last night with little help from us. I am so proud of him.

In school, they have this small stuffed elephant toys named Greeny and Dark Greeny, that the kids take home on rotation. The elephants get to stay with a kid overnight. The following day, they report back to school what they did with the elephants. They have a journal where they have to draw what they did and the parents are asked to write or explain the drawing.

In EJ's case, he did all of it by himself. He only asked us to help him spell the word February. Here's what he did:

He wrote: "I played zoob with greeny and dark greeny."

For a 5-year old kid, I think this is impressive (this is a mommy talking, of course. LOL!). He can now write and spell short words! But notice that his letter "z" is reverse. I told him to correct it. But he said, as if to pacify me, that's okay mom. Stubborn boy!

As far as reading is concerned, he is now a fast reader. He can read short words easily. And he can read his own books on his own. But sometimes, we still read books to him because he requests us to.

I think his writing (spelling) abilities is now catching up with his reading abilities. When he reads, it's not about memorization anymore. He knows how the letters sound to make the word.

I am really so proud of him. Not just with this but because he is a sweet young man and he is growing to be a fine person - loving and caring.