February 23, 2012

White Belt

It is Thursday and that means EJ has Taekwondo class in the afternoon. I already made sure that I won't forget to bring his belt. Last week I did and I got into trouble with him.

He was mad at me. LOL! Well, only for a while.

I am glad that he has continued this afternoon class. He did not like it at first. Maybe because he did not know anyone at the beginning of the class. But now, there are about five boys from his class. So he's at home.


Hubby has a business lunch so I am alone for lunch today. I was thinking of going out for a little shopping or just some "me" time but I will just be spending unnecessarily so I decided to just stay home and window shop online. I think it's a better alternative. LOL!

I needed to look at anniversary rings anyway. Hubby said we should change our wedding rings. Mine is already too loose. If I lose more weight, I don't think I could wear my wedding ring on my finger anymore (was thinking of making it a pendant though).

I saw this one and I am in love with it.

It's a sapphire and diamond ring. I love the fact that it's also affordable at $395.


Can you believe it that we've got one more week left of February? It's going to be March soon! Wow! I am just amazed how fast it's been since the beginning of this year.

But fast or slow, I am always grateful for every day, for the chance to love, grow, share and learn. Everyday is a blessing. Let's enjoy today for tomorrow will come soon enough.

Have a great day, blogosphere!