March 2, 2012

Another Email from the Scammer

I thought aka Monique Poulet, aka Laurence Poulet, aka Denise Poulet aka THE SCAMMER will stop emailing me after I ignored her/his last email.

But no, she/he is very persistent. She sent me two emails this morning. One is supposedly a PayPal notification and the other one is her own email telling me that she has successfully transferred money into my PayPal account.

Here's the one she/he sent from "Paypal"

Funds Are on the Way!

You have just been sent a payment by eCheck. The fund has been deducted from the account of Laurence Monique Poulet and it is legally confirmed. You will receive the money in your PayPal Account in about 2-5 working days. We'll email you when this fund has been processed into your PayPal Account. You are to reply back to this payment notification for any further information regarding your transaction.

eCheck Details:

Amount: ₱103,000.00 PHP
Transaction ID:

Payment Details:
Sender: Laurence Monique Poulet

You've got money!



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If you have been using paypal for a long time like me, you'd know that this is not the email notification from PayPal. And my PayPal address is not It is obviously a bogus PayPal email.

The second letter I got from her/him is this:

I will like to inform you that i have completed the payment for the rent and the funds has been deducted from my account, kindly check your paypal account email for payment notification from paypal, the transaction number is 03B15247598221109. I will like you to kindly send out the mover agent fee as soon as possible because my items is expected to be Moved by 3rd March which is Saturday.. Below is the details of my mover agent where the sum of 22000pesos is to be sent cos you only need the name and address for western union money transfer. I added extra 3000pesos to cover western union charges 103000pesos in total. All you need to do is to go to the western union outlet with the cash and then fill the transfer form accordingly.

Name: Davide Albanese, Address: CALLE PTUNIA, nÂș 47, EL VISO DE SAN JUAN, 45215, TOLEDO, SPAIN.

You have to do the transfer in your name Kindly get back to me with the money transfer control number given to you at the western union outlet and also your full name and address provided while sending the money. I will be waiting to read back from you.

In her last email she/he told me that she/he will send me P25,000 for the mover's fee and she/he will give me P5,000 for the western union payment. But in the email above she only "sent" me P22,000 for the mover's fee and P3,000 for the western union. Hahaha!!! She/He has obviously mixed up her/his emails like she/he mixed up the signature on the passport and the contract (see my post below).

This scammer is probably in Spain? Or somewhere close by Spain. Or she/he might just has someone over there in Spain who could get the money but she/he could probably be anywhere. Maybe even in Manila?

I was tempted to tell her/him that I already sent her/him the money. And see what her/his reaction is.

I hope this person will be caught. I am sure he has victimized a lot of people already.

If you know someone renting out an apartment and condo, please share this information. Thank you!