March 27, 2012

Asserting Yourself

Last Saturday we attended a friend's daughter's birthday party. EJ was particularly excited because he hasn't seen the celebrant for some time already. He was counting down the date to the birthday party.

But come party time, EJ was not in a party mood. I don't know why, maybe he was tired and sleepy.

His mood got a little darker during the piñata game. Two kids cut the line and took his turn to hit the piñata. This was his reaction. LOL!

He was ready to cry. I went to him and consoled him. The host then gave him the first chance to hit the other piñata. That changed his mood and got him back into the game.

When we went home, hubby and I recounted the event. We told EJ not to cry when someone cut the line, like what happened at the game. Instead, he should be assertive and tell the kids that it's still his turn. We told him not to let anyone step on his toes (literally and figuratively).

He listened carefully. I hope he will remember what we told him. In life, you can complain that everybody is taking advantage of you or you can stand up and fight for yourself. I always choose the latter. I realized long time ago, nobody will fight for me if I don't even fight for myself.


Hubby has lost considerable weight already. His BMI has gone down to the normal level. Thank God!

By end of this month, I am going to give away a lot of his old pants and shirts. I told him to go shop for new clothes and for new cufflinks as well. He said he'll just do it in Manila when we go on vacation next month. Oh yeah! I almost forgot we're going home next month. Yippee!!!

I still haven't booked our tickets and accommodations yet but I will do that this week.


Have a great week, guys!