March 6, 2012

The Cough That Never Seems To Go Away

Today, we went to the doctor again for EJ's third check-up. He still has cough and colds. It never seems to go away although he's a lot better now compared to four days ago.

Four days ago, I was really getting frustrated and worried already because despite all the cough medicines plus the antiibiotic he was taking, he never seems to get better. He was actually getting worse, as the cough seems to become dry and frequent like every 3-5minutes interval.

When he shifted to Benadryl, his cough becomes loose and he could already sleep though the night without coughing. But still, the cough remains albeit less frequently and easier on him.

These are the meds he has taken so far plus an Augmentin that's not included in the picture anymore because he finished it yesterday. Right now, he's only taking Benadryl and a new antibiotic called Zitromax.

EJ has missed the whole of last week's school days. This week, he's still at home. I am keeping him until end of this week so he could recuperate nicely.

I am hoping he could go back to school next week. He says he doesn't miss school but I am sure he does.