March 26, 2012

Dream Holiday Destinations: Dominican Republic

If you’re after a holiday to the Caribbean but you’re not sure where to go, have you ever consider a trip to the Dominican Republic? Bathed in sunshine with picture postcard beaches, stunning seascapes and a laidback Caribbean lifestyle, this is simply what dreams are made of.

Vacations to Dominican Republic generally involve taking it easy. The pace is slow here - think barefoot paradise with rustic beach huts, palm-fringed bays and friendly locals. The seafront really is the pièce de résistance so if you’re not into beaches, this Caribbean castaway probably isn’t for you. Otherwise you’ve got miles upon miles of soft sands to sink your toes into, with gently lapping waters hiding a vast underwater world that’s just begging to be discovered. Don a facemask or join the local scuba diving group to explore the vibrant corals and fascinating life lingering just beneath the surface.

Like many USA holidays, the Dom Rep is tourist-friendly and offers a five-star service everywhere you turn. Hotels are generally top class and usually come on an all inclusive basis, which means you won’t have to go far for mouth-watering food or refreshing cocktails. If you do want to seek out the local eateries, you can expect to pay much less than the average European restaurant and enjoy a feast for your senses - with everything from local taíno dishes to hearty rice and meat-based fare infused with Spanish flavours.

When it comes to local activities, Dom Rep does more than just beaches. Try your hand at a selection of thrilling watersports, from windsurfing and kayaking to jet skiing, opt for a boat trip to explore the outlying islands, or take a memorable whale watching tour and spot groups of humpbacks.

Whatever you choose to do on holiday in the Dominican Republic, this is one destination that gives you everything you need for a truly memorable getaway.