March 29, 2012

Goodbye March

Have you guys noticed we're nearing the end of March? It's just a couple more days and we're going to say hello to April. I know it's pretty obvious but I am just amazed at how time flies these days.

The reason I am well aware of the date is that I am counting down to our next holiday. I am so excited because we are going to Philippines!

I haven't finalized our itinerary and I haven't booked accommodations yet.

I am having a hard time choosing which hotel to stay for 4 days in Manila while we fix our condominium. I want to book a nice hotel in payment for the anxiety I have gone through these past couple of weeks. LOL!

I am thinking about Marriott Hotel Manila or Edsa Shangrila. We haven't stayed in both hotels yet. Marriott is a new hotel. And I am very partial to new hotels.

My only problem with Marriott is that it's far from where the action is, except for the airport. Edsa Shangrila, however, is just right in the middle of everything we will visit while we are in Manila.

Hmm..hopefully I'll snag a good hotel deal today.


I am planning to visit Quiapo during this holiday. I want to resurrect my jewelry business.

I have been reading magazines and I saw a mother s ring design your own that's easy to follow.

I actually miss beading. But right now, my schedule is still full. I couldn't devote even a single minute to working on it.

Once I come back from the holiday, I am hoping I will have more free time and I can go back to beading again.

I think I will utilize my etsy account that's been dormant for over a year already.


It's Thursday in my side of the world. I love Thursdays! It's almost always a happy day.

I wish you a happy Thursday, my dear blogger friends!