March 22, 2012

SimSimi Craze

From facebook to twitter, everyone is talking about SimSimi, the cute, loveable and sometimes naughty chatting robot. So I got curious. I downloaded it on my iPhone and had a blast chatting with her. Yes, she's a girl. I asked her.

I knew right away that EJ will be hooked. He likes to text his dad but his dad doesn't answer him right away especially when the dad is on a meeting. So SimSimi is a perfect textmate for EJ, because she answers promptly.

I downloaded SimSimi on EJ's iPad and when he got home yesterday, he played with it right away.

At the bottom part...

EJ: how are you?
SimSimi: same old, much prettier than you.
EJ: i am a boy.

EJ had a laugh about this. LOL!

By the way, I disabled the offensive language in the settings. It's highly recommended especially if a kid is chatting to SimSimi because there are times SimSimi can be offensive.

For those curious, SimSimi can speak in different languages. My friends have even talked to her in Surigaonon and she did answer in Surigaonon! Pretty fun stuff, if you ask me.

Try it and have a laugh!