March 14, 2012

Tea Time at Himawari Biz Cafe

I said in my twitter account last night: "To be happy, you need a healthy body, constant inspiration and a set of goals. That's what I think."

I forgot to add, coffee and tea make me happy too =)

On a serious note, a happy weekend for me means being able to do everything together with my boys. The simple act of doing groceries together, having coffee and tea together (never mind if both boys will just play on their iPads all the time!) and doing errands together are enough to make me happy. Honestly.

Last Saturday, we found a new Cafe in town. It's in Himawari Hotel. We enjoyed our tea time there as the place was basically empty, the blueberry cheesecake was delicious and the staff was attentive and nice.

Himawari Biz Cafe. It's a new one. The hotel combined their business center with a cafe. I think it's a great idea.

Blueberry Cheesecake shared among us. Choco Frappe for the boys and Green Tea just for me.

Hey boys! It's time to go home!

My lame attempt at being coy/cute. LOL! The stairs lead to meeting rooms upstairs.

I love Saturdays. I always look forward to it.