March 6, 2012

Train from Paris to Brussels: Thalys

We took the Thalys train for our Paris to Brussels trip last November. They have e-ticket service so it made it easier for me, who lives in Asia, to book our ticket. And if I remember correctly, they were the cheapest fare I found on the internet. Just go directly to their site. Avoid the travel agents or the booking agents.

We only had a day to spare in Brussels so I booked a morning train from Paris and a late afternoon train from Brussels back to Paris. The ticket for the three of us costs around $300, not exactly cheap.

Anyway, the train station for Thalys in Paris is in Gare du Nord.

Gare du Nord2
Waiting for our train to arrive

Gare du Nord1
I always see this in the movies. I got excited when I saw it for real. LOL!

Inside the train. Comfy seats and a little foldable table in front.

Why the sad face?

EJ is excited for an hour and a half train ride.

Thalys stops at Brussels Midi Station in Brussels. The ride was smooth and fast. The scenery was lovely, except it was really foggy in some parts of the country side of France and Belgium.