March 15, 2012

Waiting for the Green Signal

After the successful "cloning" of my two flat sandals at Beautiful Shoes, I think I am going to have a bag cloned next. I am a bit hesitant but I have nothing much to lose. The staff said the bag usually costs around $60. A little expensive but if they get it right, it will be worth it.

I am thinking having this bag copied. A Tod's D bag. It's pretty ambitious but I am hoping they can do it.

This bag retails for more than a thousand dollars. If I could get it at a fraction, why not? Well, at least I hope so.

I am going there on the weekend. Let's see what happens.


I was cleaning our windows on the third floor today. I saw an American coin. I wonder who put it there? I knew we put coins all over the house and purposely left it the last two New Year's Eve but I don't remember having American coins. We only had coins from places we've been to in Asia and a few coins from from Paris and Belgium.


I am itching to travel. Actually I can't wait for next month when we go on a vacation to the Philippines. I'll bet a 3-week vacation is not enough. But I'll take it.

I have not booked our tickets yet because we're still waiting for a confirmation from hubby's office. Hopefully, by end of this month I'll have the green signal to book everything. I can't wait.


Everybody at home is healthy again. Thank God! EJ has been back to school since last Monday. He's happy to be back in school and be with his friends. I am also happy I get to work on my own time without someone calling my name every five minutes. Yup, EJ is like that "mommy, this" or mommy, that". LOL! Don't get me wrong. I love him so much but I couldn't finish my work if I am interrupted every 5 minutes.


It's already Thursday. I cannot wait for the weekend.