April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday, The Last Two Years

This is our third Easter in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. And if everything works out, we'll probably still be here until next Easter.

We went Easter Egg Hunting at Raffles Hotel Le Royal the last two Easter Sundays and this time we thought we'd continue the tradition.

Easter Egg Hunting 2011

EJ found 13 eggs last year and he won first prize! We're actually pressured to defend his title his year. LOL!

Easter Egg Hunting 2010. EJ only found 3 eggs that time so he did not win any prize.

There were eggs on our table so he was perfectly happy.

I hope EJ wins again this time. But he said he won't join the game anymore. Did he feel the pressure to win? Hahaha!!! Win or lose, we'll have fun.

Happy Easter to all!