April 10, 2012

Easter Sunday 2012

Like I mentioned below, we went to Raffles Hotel Le Royal to celebrate Easter Sunday. It has become a tradition now. Well, sort of. I always look forward to the easter egg hunt. LOL!

This year's table set-up wasn't that elaborate unlike the past two years.

The easter bunny chocolate which we took from one of the buffet tables and brought home. Hahaha!

At first, EJ said he doesn't want to join the egg hunt. But when he saw his classmate, he changed his mind.

Hey boys! Listen to the instructions! And get your egg basket (paperbag).

That's three eggs already! Great job, baby!

Over here, EJ. Faster!

He found 7 eggs in all. Let' see if you win this year...

He may have not won first prize but he was tied with another kid for second place with both of them having 7 eggs. The first prize had 9 eggs. Well done, baby! Congratulations!

Now it's time for photoshoot. LOL!

Like last year, they still had bunnies set up in the garden for the kids to pet.

My two handsome boys. Hubby has shrunk a size or two. Congrats hon!

It was a fun-filled Easter Sunday. Thank you Lord for all the beautiful things around us.