April 27, 2012

Finally, Manila!

It's so great to be back home!

We left Phnom Penh at 10am and arrived here in Manila around 6:30pm. No, the flight wasn't that long. There is no direct flight to Manila from Phnom Penh. So we had to go to Bangkok first to catch our connecting flight to Manila.

At Suvarnabhumi International airport earlier. EJ was so full of energy and was just so excited to reach Manila.

We checked-in at Marriott Hotel Manila. We love the room and the service. Thanks to Jeck at the front office who gave us complimentary wifi in the room!

After resting for 30 minutes we went to Newport Mall which is adjacent to the hotel and had dinner there. Loved the vibe but did not like the fact that it's practically a smoking place.

Anyway, we're back in the hotel now. It's almost midnight and I am still wide awake. Just so giddy to be back home, I guess.

Yay, home sweet home!