April 17, 2012


EJ only speaks English. He knows some Filipino words and understands some Filipino words but he can't communicate in Filipino....yet.

It's our fault, of course.

We had an understanding before, when EJ was still a baby that one of us (either hubby or I) will speak to EJ in Filipino and the other one speaks in English. I am sure we did that at the start but along the way, we have forgotten about it.

EJ was born in Pasig City. But the longest he has stayed in the Philippines is probably 3 months.

All his life, he's lived abroad. I know it's not an excuse for him not to speak FIlipino but we must have thought it's convenient for him to speak in English because he'll be speaking it with his friends and in school.

But now, hubby and I are trying to correct that little by little by teaching EJ Filipino words everyday.

Aside from the task of counting down our next vacation (in Filipino words), I also quiz EJ everyday about the Filipino words he's learned. I am sure at one point, he must have said to himself, I need to read reviews first. LOL!

EJ's drawing of the Philippine flag

EJ is doing well learning Filipino. I know it is not yet late for him to learn the language. He is still young and his memory is very sharp. We just need to remember to teach him everyday.