April 24, 2012


When I see people complain on twitter how hot it is in the Philippines, I have this urge to tell them.."ah, wala kayo sa Phnom Penh!" Hahahaha!!!

Beautiful Cambodia country side. I took this several months ago already. But this is how it feels like now. Hot!

Yeah, it's been hot lately and I am not complaining even with the occasional migraines I have due to heat.

It's actually our aircons at home who had the nerve to conk out on us. The aircon in the bedroom and the living room have stopped blowing cold air. Both still work but the air that comes out is as hot as the air outside. Probably there's no more freon or something. It's useless turning it on.

We have already told the landlord to fix the ACs but the response is slow. I don't know when they are going to fix it.

Temporarily we are sleeping in EJ's playroom. EJ said he loves it because he has always wanted to bring his toys to the bedroom and now he doesn't need to. It's perfect for him. He actually asked if we could sleep this way for a long time.

Hubby and I feel like we are both on a sleepover.  We just need chips, beers, some music  and it would be a perfect sleepover. Hahaha!!!

With the temperature rising, people are bound to easily flare up. So it's a good thing, I find our current set up cute and funny.