April 6, 2012

Uncertainty is Our Middle Name

The other side of an expat life is the uncertainty of it all. You cannot make long term plans. Goals, yes. But not plans.

We have been expats for over six years now and every time my husband's contract is about to end, I feel this sense of being lost. Where do we go next? Shall we stay for one more year (depending if contract is extended)? Shall we move back home?

It's always like that. And the intensity of that sense of being lost never diminishes. In fact, it has intensified, I guess.

Some say it's part of the excitement of being an expat. In a way, yes. But if you have issues about control (like me), then it's not really that exciting, is it?

My husband's contract here in Cambodia will end on June. He's been told by his boss that he'll be extended. The boss said it's guaranteed. So I thought he has signed the contract already but it turns out he hasn't. I don't know know exactly why but it seems like there's a reorganization in the process or something.

Anyway, I am a little worried.

We are going on a vacation end of this month and we will be back just a month before my husband's contract expires. What if they change their minds and not renew my husband's contract? Possible? Yes. But hubby said, it won't happen.

I reminded him about his contract in Malaysia, his second expat job.

He resigned from his post in Maldives, accepted the job in Malaysia and signed the contract. While we were in Philippines preparing to go to Malaysia, he got a call from the company in Malaysia that his contract is being put on hold. For how long? They don't know.

So yes, it's possible that a company changes its mind about a contract. But thankfully, hubby got a call again after a week and he was told to proceed to Malaysia asap to report for work.

It ended well but what if it did not? It would have ruined a perfectly laid-out plan for us, however short term it was.

I am not worried about hubby being jobless after his contract expires here (of course I am worried, silly me!). But modesty aside, he is one of the best in his field. I am confident he'll find a job anywhere he wanted (Naks! Hon, can you find job in Dubai or Bangkok or Malaysia again? LOL!)

What I am worried though is about EJ's schooling. He'll graduate from his current school this June. And he'll move to Kindergarten or Year 1 next school year (starts August). As early as now, we have to find a school and make reservations for him. But with the current situation, I don't want to do that and waste money (through deposit) if hubby's contract is not extended or if he finds a job somewhere else.

So what to do?

Hope for the best and prepare for greatness. LOL!

Hubby said I should take it easy. I guess I should follow his lead. Life is too short for worrying over small things. I should give up the need for control. It's too stressful.

With that said, I cannot wait for our vacation to start! It's just 20 days more and my first night back in Manila will be in Manila Marriott Hotel.

"Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere." ~Glenn Turner


Happy Easter, my blogging friends!