May 2, 2012

A Pause

I have been saying here that we're going to furnish our condominium in Manila. That was the original plan and it was what we really intended to do until yesterday.

Since we arrived here, we've checked the furniture and electronics shop. It has been overwhelming and frustrating because we're trying to make our standards meet with the prices. It's difficult but somehow we've made our choices.

We wanted a contemporary and modern look for the condo, somehow similar to this picture.


Black couch, some yellow from the throw pillow, wooden center table, gray and white rug. I was planning to add some rustic furniture for accent.

We were ready to buy the things yesterday. Then suddenly we received an email that someone was willing to rent our unfurnished condo.

That made us pause. If someone is willing to rent the unit again even if it's unfurnished then we're willing to wait for another year to furnish it. And besides, hubby wanted to repaint the place and renovate some parts.

Let's see if the client will push through. In the mean time, we're busy shopping and eating out.