May 28, 2012

Ready for the Big Kids School

We've been back to Phnom Penh for a week now. Things at home have slowly gone back to its own rhythm. I still have a mountainful of clothes to be ironed but at least the house is cleaner now.

At the moment I am busy with other things.

Two weeks from now, EJ's class will end. And he will have to move on to a bigger school. He's ready for grade 1 (even if he's only 5yo, turning 6yo in August). EJ's Elephant teacher concurs.

But the only school that we've applied to for next year has turned us down. They are full. It's too bad because we liked the school and we've heard nice things.

Now, we don't know where to put EJ. There are still other nice schools around Phnom Penh but it's either expensive ($12,000/year tuition fee!!!) or it's a bit far off from the city (and horrendous traffic, I hear).

I joked and told hubby, EJ should just study in Manila. The tuition fee for grade 1 in a private and nice school is only around $2,500 (give or take a few hundred dollars).

Which one to choose? Savings and nice school? Or the family still together?

It's a tough choice but we know that living separately is not a choice. So, we'll be checking out schools this week. I have three lined up and I am praying for guidance. Choosing school did not seem like a difficult thing to do back then.


Anyway, next week EJ's class will have an End of Term Tea Party. I am planning to bring some baked goodies like this one.

Cheesecake and dipped berries from I am sure the kids will love something like this. I just hope I'll have time to bake. If not, I'll probably just buy from a coffeeshop. LOL!