May 10, 2012

Stress-free Vacay

This is probably the most stress-free vacation we've had in the Philippines. All we do is shop and eat, shop and eat. LOL!

Seriously, it's hard to resist a little shopping when you are surrounded by malls and they go on sale every other week.

Last weekend, Megamall had a three-day sale. Prices went down to wholesale clothes level. Unfortunately, it was difficult to shop during the sale with a kid. The mall was swarming with people!

In our 13 days here in Manila, we've already done everything we needed to do and eaten in restaurants we wanted to eat in.

Furnish the condo - uncheck (but we found a tenant instead)
Banking stuff - check
Haircut - check
Visit Nido Science Center - check
Jollibee - check
McDo - check
Wendy's - check
Kenny Roger's - check
Banana que - check
Turon - check
Halo-halo - check

LOL! No wonder, we've ballooned quickly.

Tomorrow, we will be flying to my home town together with my brother, SIL, and niece. We will stay there for five days. It's going to be doubly fun because we are in time for our town's fiesta.

Oh, I can hardly wait!