June 30, 2012

Dairy Queen is in Town!

I have been wondering when they are going to bring Dairy Queen in town. We could only eat the blizzard at the airport before. But finally, it's here in the city!

We were dining at BBQ Chicken yesterday when I saw a brochure that says DQ is now open at the Riverside area, just beside The Pizza Company.

I wanted to go there right away but my son had better things to do. So we postponed our trip for today.

Dairy Queen is just beside Pizza Company in Sisowath Quay (Riverside)

Inside DQ

The original blizzard - Oreo

For every order of medium sized blizzard, you get a free ice cream in a cone


Pretty happy too

They have al fresco setting which we moved to after I got cold inside. 

I am not really an ice cream person but I ate most of what we ordered today. No kidding! EJ and hubby ate so little that I ended up eating their blizzards. With all the sugar in it, no wonder I got dizzy afterwards. LOL!

I've probably gained a kilo already but it's worth it. I love it!