June 14, 2012

Skiing Holiday

Our son has been bugging us a trip to a place "with lots of snow" so he could go skiing. The Ski Dubai experience last year has left him wanting for more. It was only a fake snow but he totally loved it!

Interested in a luxury skiing holiday? Visit Supertravel ski today! I just did! I am sure my son would be happy to know that mom and dad have already taken the first step in planning about that future skiing trip.

Our son loves the cold, he cherishes it. Our autumn trip to Europe last year proved it. I am now beginning to think he is not our son!

Seriously though, my husband and I are already  planning that skiing trip. But we want to do it when our son is a little bit older. It gives us time to save up on this trip because this trip certainly does not come cheap.

Personally I also do not want to scrimp on clothing and our accommodation. I want fashionably warm clothes and nice accommodation too. When I go on this particular holiday, I want to make sure it is one I will never forget.

There are so many places to go on a skiing trip but my son has two particular places in mind. He wants either in Switzerland or in France!

I don't know where he learned of those places but I am guessing he learned from his classmate who is from there. I remember I saw a picture attached to their world map, a boy skiing with his family.

Anyway, I think a perfect time to go on this holiday is December. The only question is which year? Let's see.