July 29, 2012

Dream Patio

Sundays are definitely lazy days in our house. EJ usually wakes up late but hubby and I still wake up early. It's in our system now.

Like today, it's already 8:30am and EJ is still in dreamland. Hubby and I woke up around 4:30am. Hubby did his morning exercise while I prepared our breakfast.

After breakfast, hubby checked his iPad for whatever new apps are available while I check my mac to surf about my "dream home".

We will be like this, in front of a gadget, the rest of the day with short interruption during lunch (usually delivery) and snack time. LOL!

Like said, it's a lazy day for us. Even EJ will be in front of a TV playing Wii or lying down in a sofa playing on the iPad.

In fairness to us, we're not like this everyday. Our Saturdays are usually spent outside doing some outdoor activities. Yesterday we went swimming.

Anyway, let me share with you what I found today while surfing for my "dream home" inspiration. My focus today is the patio area.

This somehow makes me think of Greece.

This one is just too pretty, isn't it?

Photos are not mine

My dream is to build a house in the province. I want a place with a small patio and a garden. And when I do, I will be the happiest person in the planet.