July 17, 2012

Filmart - Filipino Grocery Store in Phnom Penh

When we were still in KL, I remember I had to squeeze lemon and lime juice so I could use it when cooking sinigang (when my sinigang mix "baon" runs out). I don't remember seeing a Filipino store while we were there.

But thank goodness, there is Filmart here in Phnom Penh. When ever the cravings for Filipino taste kicks in, I know where to go.

Filmart, your one stop Filipino store 

I always stock up on EJ's vitamins, sinigang mix, sardines, corned beef, boy bawang, dried mango, and pineapple juice. We always buy danggit before we started to cut back on our salt intake. But once in a while, we still buy it.

I also stock up on instant soups - cream of mushroom (my favorite) and crab and corn (the boys fave).

I am thankful there is Filmart here. Homesickness becomes bearable when you're munching on Chippy or Nova. Teehee.

Filmart is located at Monivong Street, just a few meters after the intersection of Mao Tse Tung and Monivong Streets.