July 3, 2012

Oh Tokyo!

Lately, I have been busy reading about Tokyo. Hubby and I have agreed we're going there this coming October.

I know it's still several months away but since we are DIY-ing everything, I want to be fully prepared.

I remember fondly our Europe trip. We did not book any tours. We did everything ourselves and it was a success. I am hoping to duplicate it with our Tokyo trip.

Next week, we'll be applying our visa. I hope we won't encounter any problems. I will be writing here how the application process go.

Along with this planning is of course the outfit planning. LOL! It's going to be early autumn when we go to Tokyo so I think our heavy coats will be too warm. But I will be bringing one coat for myself because I get too cold easily.

To say I am excited is a bit of an understatement. Tokyo, we're coming soon!!!