July 21, 2012

Resto in Phnom Penh: Mangosteen

This month of July seems to be a month of eating out a lot. This month alone we've tried 7 different restaurants, all new to us. Here's something new we've discovered - Mangosteen Restaurant.

The restaurant looks relatively new. I just don't know when they exactly opened though. We've eaten here two times already since we discovered this place. It's fast becoming our favorite restaurant.

I love the setting here. They also have private AC rooms. I thought they'd charge extra for the AC rooms but surprisingly they don't.

Mangosteen serves Indochine cuisine mostly but they also have some Western favorites.

Fried Wonton. EJ loves this. The sauce is a perfect blend of sweetness and tanginess.

{Fried spare ribs}

{Green curry}

Hubby and I always judge a restaurant serving Thai cuisine by its green curry. This one more than passed the text. It was really good, although I would love it if it was a bit more spicy and hot :)

{Stir fried mixed vegetables}

{Sticky rice with mango}

Hubby likes it but I wasn't really too keen with it because the coconut sauce was salty instead of the usual sweet coconut. But the sticky rice was already sweet. 

The satisfied customer lol

The service was really the best part. The food was served in about 5 minutes, maximum 10 minutes. The waiter that day was also polite and very friendly. Unfortunately on our next visit, the waiter was a little arrogant. But still the service was fast.

Mangosteen is located at Street 282, BKK1.

UPDATE as of February 20, 2014:
This restaurant has already closed. Too bad!