July 28, 2012

Travel Feature: Gran Canaria

When one thinks of holidays gran canaria has to offer, one would immediately think of the beach next to the famous Dunas de Maspalomas.

 {Dunas de Maspalomas}

Of course there are probably a million things you can do in Gran Canaria. But for me, I would probably just hang out by the beach and be amazed with the sand dunes all day long. Just kidding.

Aside from its myriad of small beaches,  I think the main reason Gran Canaria is such a well-known tourist destination for Europeans and the world as well, is its year-round pleasant weather. The sun rarely leaves the place, or so I heard.

Here are 10 reasons to return to Gran Canaria, according to its official website:
1. Fly over water.
2. Enroll on a marine mission.
3. Feel the beauty of the Maspalomas sun.
4. Swim in a strange jungle.
5. Be an astronaut without leaving the ground.
6. Catch the secret of Pozo Izquierdo.
7. Learn to surf.
8. Let yourself in for the surprise of the changing beach.
9. Leave rush behind.
10. Watch the sunset at Puerto de Mogan.