July 19, 2012

Where To Go?

I am now officially confused.

I told my Korean friend the other day that my family will be going on a short vacation to Tokyo this coming October. She suggested we take Korean Air and drop by Seoul. Tokyo is just an hour or so from Seoul anyway, she said.

So I researched about a possible stop over in Seoul. But instead of just a stop over, now I want to visit Seoul and Tokyo. LOL!

And then there's the open invitation from my friends in Maldives.

If only I have unlimited cash! I would surely visit each of this place just this year. Different places, different things and experiences to offer.

For Seoul, it is the allure of shopping. Tokyo, it's for the culture and the food (and Tokyo Disneyland for our son). Maldives, it is for the sun, sand and sea - a total relaxation.

But since we could only afford one country to visit by October, I need to make a hard decision. Tokyo? Seoul? Maldives?

What do you think, guys? If you were the one traveling, which place would you visit first?