August 16, 2012

EJ's 6th part 2

Like I said in my previous post, EJ is still on vacation. His school starts next month so I don't have his classmates to invite. He only has a couple of friends who's here in Phnom Penh (others are still on holiday) so we invited them over for a small celebration at home.

EJ said: Today I am 5 years and 12 months old :)

We decided to be all in yellow that day. 

EJ with his friends. He looks super excited and happy.

The food we served our guests: assorted bread, nachos, hotdog on sticks, sticky rice with cheese toppings, bread roll, pork BBQ and bam-i (ordered from Bistro Lorenzo)m spring roll, chicken nuggets and the blueberry cheesecake was from Blue Pumpkin.

I prepared a piƱata with the usual candies and chocolates. The kids had a field day! 

The adult visitors

Later on the night, we went to Himawari Hotel together with one of EJ's godfather - Romeo. Ninong Romeo just arrived last month here in Cambodia and is working with another telecoms company, hubby's company's competitor. LOL! Small world.

It was supposed to be either red or blue for all of us but we all don't have clothes in one color so EJ was in red while hubby and I are in blue.

With Ninong Romeo who coincidentally is wearing shirt with blue color

EJ said he had a lovely day. I thought he really did, especially with his friends. It's so nice to make a kid happy especially on his birthday.