August 11, 2012

EJ's 6th

Our boy turned 6 years old last Friday. Oh, where did the time go? He is growing up so fast and I there's nothing I can do about that.

EJ woke up early on his birthday. I think he was really excited to open his present. And just like we expected, he loves the books we gave him.

Hubby and I wrote a short note on the homemade card which I attached to his present. When he read it, he got teary eyed and then he hugged us both tightly. I think he got the message.

We had a little party at home for him and a couple of his friends. He is still on summer break so I wasn't able to invite his classmates. But he said it was just perfect.

And later on that day, we just had a quite dinner at Himawari Hotel with his Ninong Romeo.

EJ said he had the best party that day and he wants to have another one. LOL!


Happy birthday my baby! I wish you nothing but the best of health and the best attitude towards life. Daddy and I will always be here for you, to guide you and to love you always.