August 25, 2012

Konichiwa Tokyo!

Japan is no longer a dream. We got our visa yesterday and we will be flying there on October. Yay, we're coming Tokyo!

I was surprised how fast the visa processing was. I will write about the whole application process in my travel blog. But let me just say here that it was one of the fastest visa application we've done and the visa was free!

I have made temporary itinerary for our travel but I need to research more. It's not going to be a long vacation so I need to make sure that we will visit all the must-visit places in Tokyo.

I have already penned Tokyo Disneyland (for EJ), Tokyo Skytree (recently opened, the tallest tower in the world),  the electronic/gadget area, and a side trip to Hakone to see Mount Fuji. My friend also asked me to source Plastic Printers for her business.

It's going to be a full packed trip but I am getting excited.  Japan is one of my must-visit country before I die. I am happy I'll be crossing off that in my list soon.