August 28, 2012

MBA and Losing Weight

My husband is planning on enrolling in a MBA course. If he has a choice, he'd prefer going to a regular MBA class but it is not just possible right now to do that.

He would have to take at least six months off from work and he would have to take gmat classes, go through rigorous application process, etc. I heard though that Veritas Prep is a big help to incoming MBA students but like I said, hubby cannot afford to take off that long from work.

So, he's looking at an alternative - an online MBA course. He said, there are short courses available and it is perfect for him because he doesn't need go on leave from work. I told him, I'd help him research about it. But so far, I haven't started looking yet. Bad wife!

If you know of an online MBA course, please let me know so I can check. Thank you!

Still on my husband..

Determination, discipline, constancy and of course a little inspiration go a long way when you are trying to lose weight. You may not get the reward right away but when you do, it will be really sweet.

Hubby is now 70kgs. His goal is 68kgs, so that's a couple more of kilos to go. 

Slim shoulders now, eh? LOL!

We used to make jokes about discipline. We used to say, if only we could buy discipline in a bottle, life wouldn't be too hard.

But you know what, discipline is just a matter of practice. The more you do it, the easier it gets.

Hon, congrats on the weight loss! Let's be healthy the rest of our lives. Cheers!