August 1, 2012

My Amazon Order Is Here

EJ is turning 6 on August 10. And I thought of books as our birthday present for him. He loves books and he loves trivia.

He has a "Weird but True 2" book from National Geographic which we bought here in Phnom Penh. He loves it so much that he wants to buy the first edition. Unfortunately, it's not available here.

When we went on a vacation in Philippines last April and May, we looked at the bookstores in Manila but it was also out of stock.

Then I remembered to check Amazon. The "Weird but True" first edition is on stock plus they have the "Weird but True 3" already. I immediately ordered both books and added 1 more book entitled "The Big Book of Why".  I am sure EJ would love these books.

I ordered it last Wednesday and it arrived yesterday. That was a quick shipment!

{The box, from Amazon}

{Three books, check}

{Weird But True (1 and 3): 300 Outrageous Facts (National Geographic Kids) Paperback $7.95 each}

{TIME for Kids BIG Book of Why: 1,001 Facts Kids Want to Know (Time for Kids Magazine) Hardcover $10.62}

The shipping and handling cost $47.96. It's a little bit pricey but I believe it is worth it. I can already imagine EJ's eyes growing big as he opens the box.

I have already gift-wrapped the box and EJ saw it already. I told him it's our present for him on his birthday and he can only open it on his birthday. He only said "Hmmm..I wonder what's inside."

The great thing about EJ is he can wait. If it was me, I'd have ripped the box open already. LOL!

Now that my first Amazon order is successful, I can't wait to shop for more. Hahaha!