August 6, 2012

Biko With Cheese Toppings

I was craving for biko (sticky rice) the other day after I saw a friend from facebook post her version of biko. I actually wanted to try her recipe again but she uses purple glutinous rice which I couldn't find here. Or maybe I am not looking hard enough.

Anyway, I still made the biko using the white glutinous rice but I added a little twist. Instead of wrapping the sticky rice in banana leaf (like in my province), I just put the sticky rice (mixed with coconut milk and sugar) on a banana leaf.

I put it in a pan and cooked it again over low fire. Then I grated a kraft eden cheese and put it on top of the sticky rice. Here's the result.

{My biko with cheese toppings}

It does look like a bibingka, right? Well, I am glad I made my biko like this because it tasted good. The cheese complements the sweet coconut and the banana leaf lends its aroma to the dish.

I am going to make another one this week and see if it wasn't just a fluke. LOL!