August 15, 2012

The Handsomest

This is EJ's latest ID picture. We had another ID picture taken last Monday for our Japan visa application.

EJ simply looks happy and handsome in his ID picture, doesn't he? :)

Hubby and I are both ecstatic that EJ seems to finally have conquered his fear of having his picture taken inside a studio. Well, he was actually scared of those two big square thing that flash.

Before we went to a studio, I talked to him all morning. Yup, all morning. And even before that I have been talking to him about our upcoming studio trip.

But as always, he seems fine days before the actual picture taking. The only problem occurs when we are on the way to the studio.

So that day, I talked to him calmly and patiently. I explained that there is nothing to worry or fear. I just kept on repeating myself. I want to drive the point home.

When hubby arrived for lunch at home, I also told him to talk to EJ. The kiddo seemed okay all throughout and on the way to the studio.

I was really expecting he'd cry again like the previous ones. But thankfully he sat down on the chair calmly. I hold his hands and asked hubby to hold EJ's hands on the other side.

The photographer told him to smile, and he did! What a miracle!

I hope his fear or phobia is really gone. I am just so happy and so proud of my son.