August 30, 2012

Yoku Moku Cigare

I received a gift from a Japanese friend. She said it's a Japanese cookie. I didn't think much of it because I have successfully avoided cookies for almost a year now.  Well, I still eat sometimes but unlike before where I just gobble everything up. LOL!

Anyway, I opened the gift one afternoon. I was thinking of pairing it with my tea. I love the packaging! Look how each cookie is wrapped individually.

Yoku Moku Cigare

It looks like the Philippines' barquillos but more buttery and more delicate but still very crunchy. I love it. EJ loves it too.

Since it's my first time to have tasted this cookie, I googled it. I've learned that Yoku Moku is a world famous Japanese confectioner. And Yoku Moku Cigare is one of their world's best seller.

Wow! I still have probably 10 more pieces. I'll make sure it will last a little bit longer. LOL!

Thank you so much Yuki for this gift. And see you soon in Tokyo! :)