September 17, 2012

Back in PP

We're back in Phnom Penh last Saturday night. It was supposed to be a relaxing holiday for me and EJ (hubby was working) but I came home feeling tired and fatigued from the trip.

What's ironic is that I did not do any strenuous activity. All we did was eat and eat and eat.

I am so used to doing a lot of physical work and intense workout that my body does not like total rest anymore. LOL!

Anyway, we got to do some shopping for EJ. We bought his school shoes and PE shoes. He wanted us to take a look at some guitars because he wants to buy an electric guitar. He said he wants to be a rockstar. We went around but did not find something suitable for him.

Here's my cutie at Comme des Garcons in Erawan Bangkok. We were canvassing a CDG tshirt for my cousin.

Just a little trivia, the CDG t-shirt was worth $127 more or less while the same t-shirt costs only $95 in Dubai according to my cousin.

I guess shopping in Dubai is cheaper.

Will post more photos and stories later. I have to attend to my mountainous laundry first.

Have a great Monday everyone!