September 12, 2012

Money and Happiness

Good morning, Bangkok!

Today, EJ and I are planning to go swimming in the hotel's pool. I hope it doesn't rain. Or if it does, we'll probably just go to Siam Ocean World.

Since EJ and I are just tagging along on hubby's business trip, we don't have an itinerary. This is certainly new to me. I am not used to doing nothing.

I am sure I will gain weight while here. We have complimentary access to a premier lounge with food and drinks all through out the day. I am eating too much but I am not doing anything to burn those calories. Oh well. Live a little they say. LOL!


Have you heard about timothy sykes? I actually just recently heard about him when a friend mentioned the name.

My friend said she was forwarded a link about timothy sykes review and from there she learned about the "rebel millionaire". She got curious and read more about him.

Apparently, Mr. Sykes is a self-made millionaire who made his first million trading penny stocks before even finishing his college studies.

These stories are always interesting and inspiring to me. Who doesn't want to be a millionaire, right? How did they do it, and at such young age?

I know the adage, money doesn't buy happiness. But I know one thing also. Money makes our lives comfortable. Money can buy things which can give us pleasure. It may not give us long-lasting happiness but I'd rather have those short intermittent burst of joy than being depressed about not having money.

Anyway, I have no knowledge about trading and stocks. I have always been intrigued about it but I have never done anything to learn about it.

I should probably give it a try.


Have a blissful Wednesday, everyone!