September 6, 2012

No Small Job

Before we fly to Tokyo next month, we're flying to Bangkok first this coming Monday. Hubby has a week long conference and since he can't bear to be apart from EJ and moi, he's bring us along. LOL!

At first, I did not want to go because that's another expenses for us. But since EJ and I will only be paying for our airfare, I was convinced to go.

And I also need to buy EJ a new school shoes which we cannot find here and which I am sure we can easily find in Bangkok.

EJ has started Grade 1 last Monday but I haven't been able to post pictures and stories because he is using his Crocs as his school shoes with his uniform. It doesn't look that nice. Haha!

The school is not strict about shoes though but the Crocs just doesn't match his uniform.

I also need to check screen printing fredericksburg va. I am planning to join a Christmas bazaar here and I am thinking of selling my hand-made jewelries and some custom design shirts.

With this trip, I have to remind myself it is not a shopping trip but a window-shopping trip only. LOL!


There is no small job, only small mind. Today, I am going to do EVERYTHING with love. Have a great Thursday everyone!