September 7, 2012

Resto in Phnom Penh: Uraetei BBQ Japan

Here's another new in town - Uraetei, a Japanese restaurant. Seriously, this city has new establishment opening almost every week that it's hard to keep up.

If you go out of town for a month, you'd be surprised by the number of establishments that have opened or closed for that matter. Yup, they close and open stores that easily.

Anyway, we tried Uraetei a couple of weeks ago for dinner. Hubby and I are Japanese food lovers but EJ is still catching up. 


The place is divided into small cubicles making dining a private event

We ordered mixed meat BBQ so they brought in grill with real coal

{Mixed BBQ}

{No lard or butter necessary}

{Korean cheese pancake/omelette}

{Fried rice}

We love the BBQ but it was kinda pricey. I forgot exactly how much we paid but I think the mixed BBQ alone was in the range of $30 or something.

We went there again last week because a Japanese friend invited us for lunch. We found out that they have lunch set menu and it's definitely cheaper. A set lunch only sets you back $5-6.

Uraetei BBQ Japan
No. 5 Street 360
Boeung Keng Kang 1
Phnom Penh
Tel 023-218037