October 20, 2012

Back From Tokyo

Hi! We're back from our Tokyo trip. Like any other trips we've had, this recent one felt so "bitin" as well.

I love Japan. I admire their people and their efficiency. And I love their food. I hope we could go back again someday because those four days were not enough.

At Kawaguchiko 5th Station, Mount Fuji at the background.

If I am not mistaken this is halfway thru Mt. Fuji if you are going to climb up to the summit. It's the start of the fall season and it's evident on the color of some of the leaves.

The city's temperature at that time was about 21 degrees. At 5th Station it was about 10-12 degrees. My jacket wasn't enough to shield me from the cold. But hubby said, it wasn't cold enough. He did not even put on his jacket.

Will be posting more pics later. Off to the groceries first.

Happy Saturday, guys!