October 7, 2012

Next in Line: A Ski Experience

I have just finalized our travel itineraries to Tokyo! Spell EXCITED!

Anyway, after this Tokyo trip, hubby and I decided that our next destination should be in winter wonderland for a luxury ski holiday experience and a white Christmas.

I think I have mentioned already that our son is a fan of cold and snow. And we're thinking, we might still be able to squeeze in another trip before the year ends.

We're thinking of skiing in Lake Tahoe, USA.

Photo Credit: SUPERTRAVEL.co.uk

I know it's a random choice but I am doing more research about this place. I am sure I am going to be neck deep again in research after the Tokyo trip. Plus, I'll have to prepare documents for the USA visa application.

There's not much time to prepare but with travel, I will always find time :)

Let's see where this plan will leads to.