October 22, 2012

Random Pics from our Japan Trip

Here are some pictures from our recent trip to Japan.

At Lake Kawaguchi. I booked a Mt. Fuji and Hakone trip on our first day and Lake Kawaguchi was part of the itinerary. From here, you can see Mount Fuji.

Haneda International Airport. I love their airport, especially the restaurants. In my opinion, a good airport should have nice coffeeshops and restaurants.

The Bell of Tenjo at Mt. Tenjo (with Mt. Fuji in the background). It is said that your wish will come true if you ring the bell while watching Mr. Fuji.

At Sensoji Temple (or Asakusa Kannon Temple). It is a Buddhist temple and one of the most colorful and popular temples in Tokyo.

From Hakone, we took a bullet train (Shinkansen) back to Tokyo. EJ was happy that he finally rode the bullet train.

Ginza district - Tokyo's premier shopping district. Everything is expensive! But we couldn't resist a little shopping at Uniqlo (Japan's affordable clothing company).

Tokyo Disneyland. Entrance fee for adults 6,200 yen ($80+) for kids 4,100 yen ($53+). I couldn't remember which is more expensive, Paris Disney or Tokyo Disney.

One day was not enough to go around the theme park. And that's Disneyland only. Just beside Disneyland is Disney Sea. Maybe next time..

EJ, resting after one hundred steps. He climbed 500 steps up to the first observatory of Tokyo Tower. He's familiar with Tokyo Tower from the movie "Mater tall tales".

Hubby, very happy with his lunch. Nothing beats eating sushi from Japan itself. 

I will be writing more of our travel stories in my travel blog. I am still busy right now, hopefully I'll find time this week.

Happy Monday!