October 24, 2012

The Famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing

My husband will tell you that I always choose the right hotels during our travels. For our Tokyo trip, I chose Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyo.

I will post a hotel review in My Travel Folio. But let me say now, that we enjoyed our stay in this hotel. We have the view of the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing.

This was taken during a weekend and it wasn't as crowded during the weekdays. If you have watched Lost in Translation, you'd see this in the movie.

Aside from this view, we also enjoyed the Tokyo Tower view from our room. It's beautifully lit at night. It's almost like the Eiffel Tower.

Before we checked out, I swiped one merkur safety razor from our hotel room and brought it back with me. Shhh..LOL!

Seriously, we did not use the razor so I thought I might as well bring it home. It was already paid for anyway. Hahaha!