October 2, 2012

Toilet Training, Second Stage

EJ had a toilet "accident" almost two weeks ago in school. As weird as it sounds, I kind of expected it to happen.

EJ has this habit of waiting at the last minute to run to the toilet. In their school, the toilet is one floor down. So I imagine, that's what he did that day and he did not reach the toilet anymore.

When he went home that day, we reminded him again for the nth time that he doesn't have to wait. If he feels like it's coming, he needs to rush to the toilet right away.

I know EJ knows by heart the drill already. But I guess with kids or with EJ particularly, it's not fair to interrupt a playtime or something fun just to go to the toilet.

Hubby suggested we train him daily to go sit in the toilet and "force" himself to poop.

I told EJ about this and he was willing to try it. So a day after his accident, I let him go in the toilet. I told him to just sit there and will "it" to come out.

"How long do I have to stay here, Mom?" he asked.

I told him the minute it comes out and and after he cleans himself up, he can leave the toilet.

"What if it doesn't come out?" he asked again.

Well, let's just give it 15 minutes, I told him.

But you know what, he only sat there for two minutes and out it came. LOL! It was a success.

It's been more than a week now and everyday has been a success (except for one day where he said nothing really comes out). We do it late in the afternoon after his school because mornings are just too hectic. We tried it one morning and it was a no go for him.

I am pretty pleased with our experiment. With this, I am confident there won't be any "accidents" anymore unless he is sick or something.